If you are following the online casino news on Twitter and/or Twitch, you may have seen the incredible fact that we are going to present to you today. A player registered on Monte Cryptos Casino won €450,000 at Evolution Gaming’s Crazy Time. Problem: he won’t be able to withdraw his winnings. Here’s why.

We are Monday October 5th. A Twitter account (@thomasR450K) is created, and the following Tweet is published at 8:47 pm French time:

« How to go from €300 to 450K at Crazy Time thanks to a X5000 Pachinko » – ThomasR450K on Twitter

A French online casino player, Thomas R., who plays on the Monte Cryptos casino shares his joy on Twitter after winning €450,000 on Pachinko. This incredible win happened on Evolution Gaming’s live game Crazy Time. Indeed, on a game round where he placed a 90€ bet on the Pachinko – which had a x50 multiplier – the puck finished its race in the x5000 box, making him win €450,000 on a single game round.

You will find the game round in question below (source tracksino.com), which took place on Sunday, October 4th at 3:53pm French time:

On this game round, 2005 players playing on different casinos won a total of €10,763,186. This is the biggest total win ever on Crazy Time, Evolution Gaming’s game that was released this summer.

€450,000 gone up in smoke: why?

The reason to what happened is, unfortunately, very simple. Indeed, at the time of his incredible €450,000 win at Crazy Time, Thomas was playing with an activated deposit bonus on his account. By placing €90 on Crazy Time, he violated the maximum bet limitations of his bonus (€5 per game round).

« Please also note that a player can bet a maximum of €/$5.00, 1.00 mBTC, 50 SEK/NOK/ZAR or 10% of their current available balance (whichever is lower) on a given round or spin when using bonuses or winnings generated from bonuses (but the 10% rule does not apply to bet sizes under €/$0.50, 0.10 mBTC, 5 SEK/NOK/ZAR).

Betting a larger proportion of one’s balance on a single round or game can lead to the voiding of this particular bonus and winnings and voiding of subsequent bonuses and winnings. Repeated abuse can lead to account termination and confiscation of balances. »

Monte Cryptos casino bonus terms & conditions

However, it is clearly stipulated in Monte Cryptos’ Bonus Terms and Conditions that when playing with an activated bonus, a player is not allowed to bet more than €5 per single play round. Any player who fails to comply with these terms may see their winnings be voided.

In addition, even if Thomas had complied with the terms of his bonus, i.e. betting €5 on the Pachinko for a win of €25,000, he would only have been able to withdraw 10 times the amount of his initial deposit of €300, being a maximum of €3,000. In order to withdraw more money, he would have had to play with RAW money (no deposit bonus).

Our advice: ALWAYS read the casino’s terms and conditions

This unfortunate case is neither the first nor the last. Regardless of the casino involved, we again insist on a PRIMORDIAL point when betting money on an online casino. ALWAYS read the casino’s general terms and conditions and bonus T&Cs before depositing a single penny.

Therefore, you will be free to choose whether you prefer playing with RAW money, or whether you wish to take a deposit bonus while knowing its terms and conditions. Indeed, reading a casino’s T&Cs doesn’t take long, and ensures that you will play by the rules, for guaranteed withdrawals in case you win.