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SCAM? All their wins got canceled!

The biggest disappointment of online players is to see all their winnings of the day being voided due to a non-respect of the casino rules.

Months ago, thousands of players had this unpleasing experience on Crazy Fortune Casino after a bonuses giveaway event.

Crazyfortune voided hundreds of wins on players account’s


During a huge giveaway of bonuses on their website, Crazy Fortune Casino had to shut down their website due to an abnormal amount of subscriptions coming from the same IP address.

As soon as the site went live again, hundreds of players account’s got banned and hundreds more of them saw their winnings get canceled. 

Most players felt betrayed by the online casino, but the reason for what happened is simple: these players didn’t respect the terms and conditions of the bonus event.

More than a hundred players created multiple accounts to play several bonuses with the same IP, while others didn’t wage the bonus amount to wager and others didn’t respect the maximum bet rule.

The biggest scammer of all time is yourself! 

In most cases, the player thinks he got scammed when the casino does not pay him his wins. Nonetheless, all casinos on affiliates websites are more than often trustworthy. There is always a reason for your wins to be canceled.

You should always try to contact the online gambling operator by emailing them to clear that situation or to get an explanation.


Always read and learn the terms and conditions

Before gambling you should always read the terms and conditions of the casino and its bonuses terms.

There are different restrictions in play while you are wagering a bonus:

  • Maximum Bet restriction
  • Forbidden slots (not on all casinos)
  • Maximum allowed withdraw amount on a specific bonus use
  • Only one account per IP
  • Use of a VPN forbidden or not
  • Time to complete the wager (2 weeks, 1 month, …)
  • Allowed bet amount according to your balance (often a percentage of it)
  • Non-withdrawable bonus (rare)

Crazy Fortune Casino was in its rights!

Even if every single player who got his wins canceled complained to the affiliated website that offered the giveaway, they didn’t get refunded because the online casino website was in its rights.

The fault was on the players who did not read the terms & conditions before gambling. They thought the casino had the same rules as the other ones they usually played on, but Crazyfortune had specific rules for this exclusive event.  

Is Crazy Fortune a trustworthy casino? 

In fact, when the player follows the rules of Crazy Fortune or any other online casino, he will never get “scammed”.

Crazy Fortune or any casino you can find on Madness Bonus is trustworthy. Just take a few minutes to read their terms & conditions, you can play without any worries. 

Get rewarded for playing on Crazy Fortune

Crazy Fortune now rewards their players for playing in their casino with a great loyalty program : game of the week, cashback, daily and weekly bonuses, free spins and others exclusive offers.

They are not the only ones to have a loyalty program, but this one is pretty good. Crazy Fortune has the faith that rewarding their players is the right way to keep growing their community.

How to find a good online casino? 

To find a good online casino, you need to check the terms & conditions, if they are too difficult to respect, then you are very likely looking at a “bad” casino.

What is a “bad” casino? 

  • Too much rules for getting a bonus payment.
  • Only a few free spins offered or a huge wager to complete on your deposit bonus.
  • Too much forbidden slots (more than 40).
  • Is not listed on any good affiliation and online gambling sites such as Madness Bonus and others.
  • You’ve never heard of the casino.
  • The website is laggy.
  • The casino is not properly translated in your language.

What is a “good” casino?

  • Never heard of players having issues on it.
  • Several bonus offers or deposit offers and free spins.
  • Perfectly translated.
  • Reactive online chat.
  • Good payment delays.
  • Seasonal bonuses (christmas, holidays, halloween, or more recently, for the lockdown due to coronavirus pandemic).

All casinos listed on Madness Bonus are trustworthy. You can get exclusives bonuses or free spins on our biggest partners: Cbet, Cresus and Wild Sultan.

Watch Vause playing on our casino partners!

Do players really get scammed by online casinos?

We sometimes hear about players complains that their winnings got canceled. Most of the times, it is actually the player's fault when their wins end up being voided.

Because we don't want you to be that player, we are giving you advices on how to play without making any mistakes.

Wild Sultan
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Max Bonus 500€
Wager Non sticky
Min Deposit 20€
Special Offer
Bonus 150%
Max Bonus 300€
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Min Deposit 20€
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