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The impressive growth of Twitch casino streaming

Twitch has seen its viewer base grow exponentially during the last year. Of course, the Covid-19 pandemic and the various lockdowns that were put in place around the world played a role in this. The slots category also gained a huge amount of viewers lately. Let’s go into details.

« Why would I watch someone else play casino? »

This is a question we have often heard. To this we would answer the following. Why would you watch someone play football, tennis, basketball or an esports game? To be entertained and because you like these activities. It’s exactly the same with Twitch casino streams.

If you think that an online casino stream is just about watching someone that waits for bonuses, you are all wrong. Casino streamers are very entertaining people who interact with their viewers and create a real community around the passion of online gambling.

If you never watched an online casino stream, don’t hesitate to do so. You might surprise yourself to feel almost as many emotions when a streamer hits a big win that if you would have hit it yourself. This is one of the reasons why people like to watch casino streamers. People also love t o see their favourite casino streamer react to a big win.

The insane growth of Twitch slots category

The slots section was created in December 2018. Back at that time, it had an average of 7 283 monthly viewers for 58 channels. In the first half of 2019, the slots category stayed within these numbers. That’s by August of 2019 that the first signs of growth started showing.

twitch slots section stats

As you can see on the chart above (source:, the slots section had an average of 13 000 monthly viewers during the last half of 2019. It then started to grow continually since April 2020. From January to March 2021, the average viewership for the section is 25 000 per month.

A profusion of streamers to watch on Twitch

This growth can be explained by the fact that land-based casinos are closed in most countries due to the Covid-19 lockdowns. Another explanation is also that we went from 58 streamers in late 2018 to 166 in April 2021. More and more Twitch streamers are getting into the casino hype train, and contribute towards making online casino more popular.

twitch slots category
A preview of the slots category on a Tuesday evening.

No matter at what time you log in on Twitch, you will find at least a dozen casino channels broadcasting their session live. It would be way too long to name them all, but here are a few streamers you can find broadcasting weekly on Twitch: Roshtein, ClassyBeef, Bidule, Teufeurs, Vause, Loopoo, DocJazy, Ekanos, Sniikzy, KGYtb…

What is really nice about casino streamers on Twitch is that they all have their own personality, way to animate their stream, and to interact with their community.

Join Madness Bonus and our streamers on Twitch

Madness Bonus and its team is also broadcasting daily casino sessions on Twitch. If you want to join our community and have a good time with us, here is where you can find us:

  • : Monday to Friday mornings at 9 a.m.
  • : afternoon and evening sessions with Kronick and Waddsup
  • : afternoon sessions on Bitcasino

Here is a clip of a big hit Vause got on Hacksaw Gaming’s Chaos Crew:

Let's talk numbers

Since a few months, the viewing statistics for Twitch casino streams have been rising and rising. Let's go into details on why it happened.

Madness Bonus is also streaming on Twitch. Don't hesitate to join us!

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