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Who is Vause, the casino streamer who founded Madness Bonus?

If you’re reading this article on Madness Bonus, you probably have already heard about Vause. Are you wondering how she got into casino streaming and how she ended up creating Madness Bonus? You are at the right place, we are about to tell you everything about it!

Vause – Marine from her real name – is a 27 years old French Twitch streamer and self-made businesswoman. When she was 20, she left France after spending her childhood and teenage years there. One year later, in 2014, she settled down in Hungary where she still lives today.

She lives from her passions, entrepreneurship, streaming, money games and hopes to keep growing! Let’s learn more abour her.

2011 – 2016: the poker years

Long before founding Madness Bonus, Vause was already into gambling. She started with poker when she was 18, and managed to make a living from it during 5 years. She only played online poker and had a pretty decent level, never crushing the high limits (middle buy-ins only).

At 24 years old, she was fed up of the game and that’s where our new chapter begins: Vause’s live streaming adventures.

2017 – 2018: Vause launches her Twitch channel

It’s in 2017, after quiting poker, that Vause decides to start streaming her gaming sessions on Twitch (find Vause Twitch Channel here). For a few months, her main game was H1Z1. The game died in December the same year, and that’s when she decided to give Fortnite a go.

She really liked the game and it became the only one she would play during her streaming sessions. Her community started growing as she gained more and more followers thanks to her good skills at the game and to her very dynamic and entertaining personality.

2019: the year Vause went viral

When she started streaming Fortnite on Twitch, Vause uploaded regular videos on her YouTube Channel. It’s only a few months after launching her YouTube Channel, in march 2019, that one of her videos became viral. In a matter of days, she gained tons of followers and subscribers on both Twitch and YouTube.

You can find the video here:

After this video went viral, she had a massive increase of YouTube video views and viewers on her Twitch channel. She ended up stopping Fortnite in december 2019 because she disliked the latest game updates.

August to december 2019: Vause gets into casino streaming

It’s in August 2019 that Vause started streaming casino on her Twitch channel. At that time, she was in an exclusive partnership with Bitcasino. After a few months of crazy casino sessions, she caught the attention of other casinos. That’s when Cresus casino contacted her.

She began an exclusive partnership with Cresus up until the end of December, with 1000€ to play every day.

Early-2020: road to Mustang

In January 2020 Vause launches her first website ( and partners up with new reliable casinos, as she’s no longer under exclusive contract. She has more sessions and offers great content to her viewers, with some crazy wins. She sets herself the goal of cashing out enough money to buy her dream car: a 2017 Ford Mustang.

In February 2020, after a crazy month of January and more than 5000 hours playing on Tome of Madness the last few months (you noticed it was her favorite slot, didn’t you?), Vause reaches her goal and buys the Mustang she wanted so badly. It’s all thanks to the amazing support of her community and her casino winnings.

Mid-2020: here comes Madness Bonus

Madness Bonus was a long time project for Vause, and in July 2020 the website you are now reading came to life. This website is where she takes her casino business to the next step, with a lot of exciting things yet to come.

It’s in November 2020 that the Madness Bonus Twitch channel is launched with Kronick who is streaming daily sessions on our partner casinos. In the upcoming weeks, a sports better will also stream there. The goal being that this channel is up all day long.

Stay tuned on Madness Bonus for the best casino offers, exclusive contests and surprises!

All you ever wanted to know about Vause

Learn everything about Madness Bonus founder Vause: from her time as a poker player, then as a FPS streamer (H1Z1 and Fortnite), and finally as a casino Twitch streamer.

How well do you think you know her?

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